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James Buxton  Dispute Resolution


Throughout his professional career James Buxton has had extensive experience of legal disputes of all types, including apparently intractable disputes that through skilled negotiation have resulted in agreement, rather than decision by the Court. This has made him continuously aware of the clear benefits that can be achieved by Alternative Dispute Resolution, including a substantial saving in costs in every case and often a continuing relationship between the parties involved.

He is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and following his retirement from Burges Salmon LLP, Bristol, accepts appointment as a Mediator in relation to any agricultural, real estate or other commercial dispute. He also provides related services including appointment as an Arbitrator and Early Neutral Intervention. His aim in every case is to provide a skilled, focused and cost-effective service.

All enquiries should in the first instance be made to the Administrator, Wendy Randall, or to James Buxton direct. Their contact details can be found on the contacts page of this website.

Telephone 01963 440 297


James Buxton Dispute Resolution, UK

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